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Roman House

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Bay of Naples
Forum of Pompeii with Vesuvius
Forum of Pompeii
Terracotta model of early Roman hut
Insula model
Paved street of Pompeii
Drawing and plan of domus
Paved street with stepping stones
Paved street with sidewalk
Brick domus at Ostia
Brick domus at Ostia- 2 stories
Taberna - oven
Wine shop in Pompeii - note shop across street
Wine shop - interior
Cave Canem mosaic
Atrium with tablinum
Tablinum with wooden shutters
Atrium with buckled floor
Atrium with tablinum - wooden shutters
Wax tablets
Penates and Lares
Outdoor Lararium
Cubiculum in color
Perstylium with 1/2 wall
Perstylium outdoors
Perstylium with bird baths
Perstylium with plants
Perstylium - other view
Outdoor dining area
Perstylium in Piazza Armerina - fishpond
Culina model
Kitchen utensils
Triclinium - Villa of the Mysteries
Triclinium - model
Triclinium - another model
Triclinium at Pompeii
Triclinium - mock up
Banquet scene
Banquet scene with slave
Granite tub
Granite tub with students
Toilets - balneum
Toilets - 4

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