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The Center for Anthropology and Science Communications serves to facilitate improved communication between anthropologists, the public, and science media.

Founded in 1987, CASC (formerly CAJ, The Center for Anthropology and Journalism), has included anthropologists who have worked in a variety of media-related fields, scientific organizations that advance public understanding of science, and branches of Applied Anthropology.

The Center promotes the communication of anthropology through the media in a responsible and accurate way. As the term "Anthropology" covers everything from biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, archeology and linguistics, the range of topics anthropologists look at is enormous. Communicating this information to the public has often been a daunting task.

CASC's director, Merry Bruns, has worked to address these issues with special projects:

  • Workshops with local science writers and media experts, held at the AAA annual meetings. Participants discuss problems in science communications, and the particular issues surrounding communicating anthropology-related material .

  • "Communicating Anthropology with the Web" workshops held at annual meetings.

  • Science writig based on anthropology topics for both online and traditional media outlets.

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