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Writing the Perfect
Press Release
by Merry Bruns

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Media Relations-Creating Good Press for Anthropology

Merry Bruns
Director, CASC

Media relations means just that - creating a good working relationship with the people who write about us - film us - tape us - and sometimes give the general public their only perception of what anthropology is.

A good working relationship with the media can go far to establish the credibility of anthropology in the public eye. It's worth taking the time to cultivate skills in working with reporters when they call, and in reaching out to your local media markets, either through your local organization, or in tandem with your institution's Public Relations department.

Science writers are most likely to take the time to talk fully with you, and will be able to write a good story, if you take the time to talk plainly, and keep your ideas succinct and well-organized. This make the communication process easier for both sides, and you can decrease your chances of being misunderstood or misquoted.

More resources will be added to this section in the future, so please Bookmark this page and refer it it again.

Be sure to check out my sections on Electronic Media, for working with TV and radio, and Writing for the Public, for resources for working with journalists.

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