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I get many email requests from students, and you're all asking the same things.

  • "How can I write about anthropology for a general audience?"
    Yes, you can-see this section for help with ideas, and references.

  • "Can you major in "Media Anthropology"?"
    There's no degree program (that I know of) - but you might be able to fashion your own degree by taking communications courses along with anthropology.

  • "Can I do something with a journalism and anthropology degree?"
    Try science writing-and check the National Association of Science Writers to get started.

  • "And can I do anything besides teach with my anthropology degree?"
    Applied Anthropologists work in the private sector-and there are lots of resources to get you started in this field.

There are answers to all these questions, and I've included some resources to get you started. Be sure to refer to the online directories of Anthropological resources that I have at this site.

Whether you move into Applied Anthropology, work as a science writer, or go into the media field itself, you'll find it's very much a non-traditional route, and highly individual-but heartily worth it.

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