In 1907, a spirited group of University of Buffalo students organized the "Polish University Club," or "Polski Klub Universytecki," in an effort to promote a better knowledge of Polish language, history, literature, and culture. This group of young men, although unaware of it at the time, opened the door to nearly a century of Polish cultural awareness at UB.

Much has changed since 1907. Two world wars were fought. Transportation was revolutionized, and the internet has spilled itself all over the globe. Despite these drastic and revolutionary worldwide changes, the Polish Student Association of the University at Buffalo lives on.

As we begin our voyage into the 21st century, our goals as the Polish Student Association, or PolSA, remain the same as they were in 1907, when our founding fathers first framed this long-lasting conglomeration. Our goals are to raise Polish cultural awareness in the University and the outlying community, to organize events that benefit the University and the community, and most importantly, to have fun in the process.

We at PolSA involve ourselves with countless events and activities each year. We usually hold a trip to Toronto. On this trip, we go to Toronto for 1 night, and we spend time seeing the sights and sounds of the town, including the Polish village. We also hold a Wigilia Dinner, where we raise money for Polish Charities. In 2009, under the leadership of Marek Niec, we raised $400 for orphans in Rzesow, Poland. In previous years, we raised money for flood victims in Poland, and other charities. The PolSA has an outstanding record of charity fundrasing. These events, among others, can be investigated at our calendar page.

The PolSA has a lot to offer members of the University and Community. There is something for everyone, regardless of race, creed, gender, or sexual orientation. Polish or not, you can still have fun, so come on over to our office (373 Student Union, 645-2494) anytime and see what we have planned. Be sure to check out the rest of this website for all the information you need. You can also join the PolSA group on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Polish Student Association
at Buffalo
373 Student Union
Amherst, NY 14260
(716) 645 - 2494


Narazie! ( take it easy! )